This site is a resource for limerents, with the hope that understanding the phenomenon offers the best chance of harnessing it as a positive force in life, rather than a burden and barrier to self-fulfilment. But I’ll also probably ramble on about other things too.

The motivations for starting this site were my own unexpected re-experience of limerence after a long period of contented life as a husband, and the discovery that few sources of practical information or support existed (even in today’s world) for coping with it. There is also a bit of the zeal of the newly converted. Once I read Dorothy Tennov’s book, Love and Limerence, and grasped the implications, an awful lot of human folly was suddenly explained.

I am choosing to write this pseudonomously, as Dr Limerence. I do not have qualifications as a therapist, psychologist or spiritual advisor; these are the words of a layman. But, I do have a professional life, and as far as possible I would like to keep my own identity shrouded to protect myself, my employer and my loved ones. I also anticipate that this will let me be more frank, which I suspect will be useful.

So, read on. I hope that whatever you find here can help if you are suffering, or educate if you are merely curious.